Epeen Bot!
See your parses compared against the world.
Realm must be of the form "REGION-REALM". For example:
  • US-Maelstrom
  • EU-Blade's Edge
If the autocomplete thingy is failing, let me know!
No data found for that character!
Some things to check:
  • Are you sure that character has parses on World of Logs?
  • Are the character name and realm name correct?
  • Have I screwed up horribly and can't properly handle your realm or character? Email me or post on the blog!

6,715,110 characters tracked!

241,700,058 player parses crunched!

How to use Epeen Bot:

  • Enter your realm
  • Enter your character name
  • ???
  • Profit!
Notes: You must have raid parses on World of Logs to get any results.