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Epeen Bot FAQ

What the hell is this monstrosity?

Epeen Bot charts all of a character's parses on a timeline and shows them in relation to a large number of other raiders (specifically, all those who publically log on World of Logs).

Questions you might be able to answer using Epeen Bot:

How often is the data updated?

Every day at around 10AM EST. A script is run on a schedule that pulls down the latest data from World of Logs at 9AM which then crunches everything for Epeen Bot and DPS Bot - this takes up to an hour so you might see results a little earlier if you reload a bunch. The data dump from World of Logs contains roughly all parses from the last 24 hours (technically the data should contain all parses up to about 6AM EST - I leave a couple hours of time to make sure that the file is ready).

What are the limitations of Epeen Bot? What isn't being shown?

Excellent question! As with everything on Raidbots, there are many considerations to keep in mind.

What is shown for healers and tanks?

For healers, HPS is tracked. This is not a great stat but it's what is measurable. I really wouldn't recommend jumping to many conclusions for healers based on this data. Healing has a lot more variables than simply HPS.

For tanks, DPS is tracked. Again, I don't have enough data to be able to track too much else. DPS doesn't give you any idea about how survivable tanks are but it can give you an idea if a tank is doing as much damage as they can - this can be important on those first kills. It also might give some indication of threat but I wouldn't trust it too far in that regard.

Why can't I find data for my character or someone else?

To show up in Epeen Bot, the following must be true:

What are the percentiles? How are they calculated?

While you might initially shudder and remember tests in elementary school, percentiles are pretty useful. Using the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 95th percentile from all parses on World of Logs, Epeen Bot can put together a pretty decent view of where a player stands in relation to everyone else capable of killing that boss. The 50th percentile marks the middle ground and is where most players end up clustered. If you're up higher at the 75th or 95th percentile, you can say with some reliability that you parse higher than 75 or 95% of the rest of the raiding population.

Why are personal percentiles approximate?

Due to the way I'm currently collecting and crunching the data, I calculate the player percentile when you view the page. At that point, I don't have access to the full data set because it's huge. To get an approximate percentile, I look at the different between your DPS and the closest 10th percentile around you and calculate it from there. It's Pretty Close™ and good enough for now. If any of you out there with knowledge of stats think this isn't good enough, let me know and I'll look into getting a more accurate personal percentile.

Is there enough data to draw reasonable conclusions?

Raidbots tracks tens of thousands of raiders every week - the data source is a summary provided directly from World of Logs and contains every public parse uploaded to the site. For a given fight in a raid week, there are often thousands of individual players for each individual class. While it's not perfect and doesn't contain everything, it's the best data source available right now.

You can always get a view of how many samples are in the data set if you tweak DPS Bot a bit (that link shows a rough history of how many of each spec have been tracked in heroic fights over the last 6 months). As with everything else on this site, decide for yourself but be smart about the numbers.

I top meters in my guilds - why am I not ranked higher overall?

A lot of factors contribute to individual DPS: duration of boss fight, number of healers, good use of Bloodlust, boss strategy used, having all raid buffs, external unique buffs (PI, Innervate, etc), skill of the entire raid, and more. While you might be topping meters in your own raid, your guild might have a slower kill that impacts how effective Bloodlust is or your raid might use a strategy that minimizes individual DPS. The reality is that your entire raid might just be lower than other guilds.

I get trusted with kiting/debuff/backup duty - is there any way for Epeen Bot to show that I'm being useful rather than DPS whoring?

Unfortunately, no. I don't have enough information to be able to determine what a player was doing during a fight. Feel good in knowing that you're a key part of getting the kill (the most important part of raiding) and go bitch about the shortcomings of Raidbots on forums.

How does Epeen Bot handle duplicate reports?

Duplicate reports are a pain in the ass and probably impact the reporting in some cases. For the moment, if one player shows up in two different parses on the same day, Epeen Bot uses the higher DPS of the two. Duplicate reports happen pretty frequently if more than one person log a raid during a night.

This is all crap, WoW is just a game.

Sure it is but the great thing about MMOs is that different people can play in different ways. Some people care about the detailed stats and try to min/max everything they can - that's the kind of player I am and a lot of the hardcore raiders.

How do I prevent my data from showing up on the site?

World of Logs only exports public parses to me. If you don't want data showing up, set your logs to private and no new data will show up.

Did I leave something out? Do you want to send me hate/love mail?

Feel free to send me an email or comment on the Raidbots blog.